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Out of respect for our clients, we choose to disclose our pricing information upfront. We understand the integrity of some competitors may lend them to undercut our price in effort to gain a project, which is their choice as well as yours. It’s about honesty, integrity, and quality as well as building a partnership based on trust. We do not invite bargaining and are not interested in gouging when working with clients who may have more expansive budgets. We understand that the recommendation from a past or present client is more valuable than a bloated invoice.



Includes a carefully designed and built website with 1-10 pages. An online store with 1-10 products can be built for an extra $1,500. Additional pages and products can be added for $150 per hour. Our pricing does not include the cost of hosting and related partner services, such as Shopify or Squarespace, which must be paid for separately. Turnaround time is 2 weeks. 

Mobile Apps

There’s several moving parts to developing your mobile app, but we try to ensure it’s affordable for small businesses. Our most basic app starts at $4000. If you ever wanted to get an idea for how much it actually costs, you can use this calculator. Once you’ve answered all of the questions and see the amount, we’re confident you will find our price desirable. >> See Details



We are always happy to talk to or correspond with potential clients over email, or over the phone free of charge for the first 15 minutes. If you need more time, we provide an extended consultation at an hourly rate. Any amount spent on the consultation will be put toward the cost of a project, should we decide to work together.

Monthly Retainer

We try to make it easy so there’s no need for lengthy, contracts, or hidden fees. Our monthly retainer plans are simple and based off of our hourly rate of $50 per hour.
— $500 per month for 10 hours of work
— $1000 per month for 20 hours of work
— $2000 per month for 40 hours of work

Maintenance & Support

Most projects are ever 100% complete, because they will always require some measure of support, maintenance or updating of some kind. Depending on the service will determine the maintenance costs. Mobile Apps has it’s own costs associated with it, as well as social media. If multiple services are performed, we will bundle it into a single monthly fee. This is different than a retainer.