Where Ya At?

Credit: Fahrul Azmi

Credit: Fahrul Azmi

One of the most important benefit of having your own app is letting your customers know where you’re going to be, when you’re going to be there and for how long. It’s one thing to share a post on Twitter, but it’s only useful for those who are online and see your tweet in their newsfeed, which is not an easy task these days.

When you have your own app you can let your peeps know ‘Where Ya At’ directly by reaching them where they are, on their phone.

We have some of the biggest social media apps send us notifications all day long — because it works. The fact is that push notifications keep us engaged because they remind us that the app is there, enticing us to learn who needs us, and creating a subconscious awareness that requires our attention and action. Whether you realize it or not, the big social media apps are continually experimenting to ways to improve their engagement with us.

Why shouldn’t your food truck be able to accomplish the same?

When you’re able to update your truck’s location, time and duration in a place you know they’re going to see it, you’re already a step ahead of your competition. Push Notifications is absolutely essential and has a higher engagement rate for communicating your message than social media.

If you’re on the move, and off to your next location or even done for the day, you can even send a message to those customers connected with you to thank them as well as invite them to join you tomorrow or find you at your next event with a simple push notification.

Another consideration and great use for push notifications is another way to share special offers of the day. Whether its a limited item on the menu, a give-a-way or a discount for those who tagged you in a social media post encouraging their friends to download your app. The whole point is that you simply can’t lose with this beyond affordable tool.