How Many Notifications Are Enough

Credit: Raw Pixel

Credit: Raw Pixel

While many digital marketers are concerned with over-messaging their followers and users, the real concern should be under-messaging.

The reality is that daily notifications have the highest retention rates across all platforms. More than 25% of opt-in users never receive a push notification. Now whose fault is that? The sender. The reason why is that we under-message more than we ever over-message. Users who receive one or more notifications in their first 90-days have an average retention rate that’s nearly 3x higher than users who receive no push notifications. Sending even one push notification has more significant impact on app retention than none at all.

I know what you may be thinking; Why should it matter?

Well, it doesn’t if you’re not interested in staying in business or even making the effort to build a relationship with your customers. But if you’re interested in those things, you must remember that you’re selling more than just food, you’re selling an experience that brings them coming back and seeking you out or wanting to know where you’re going to be. Push notifications is just a more effective tool or should we say, utensil to add to your marketing menu.

When 95% of opt-in users who don’t receive a push notification in the first 90 days will forget about you and ultimately delete you from their phone, ending the effectiveness of your communication efforts with them, slowing business growth.

Listen, this is the takeaway of all of this for you to consider.

Customers who receive push notifications in their first 3 months of downloading your app will have a 3x higher app retention rate when compared to those who received no push notifications at all. Don’t worry about if you’re over-messaging unless you’re blowing them up with a text every hour. Building your Messaging Strategy for your app doesn’t have to be hard. Let us help you build a content plan that converts occasional customers into some of your most loyal fans and brand ambassadors.

The bottomline with us is that we’re not interested in just building an app that puts you in a list with your competitors. We are interested in partnering with you to create and implement a doable digital marketing solution that builds awareness, engagement and more importantly, growth.