What's the Difference Between a Website and a Blog?

Image Credit: Thought Catalog

Image Credit: Thought Catalog

Recently I got this question from a former co-worker who followed me on social media and all the way into a business. She’s considering converting a passion into a business and wanted to begin establishing an online presence for this new business. So she wanted to know which would be better for her, a website or blog.

Before I could respond, she began telling me all of the things you can do with a blog as if I didn’t already know, but I understood her excitement so I patiently listened to her. She told me that with a blog she can add images, video, audio and receive comments, and it was free. This is where I want to begin this conversation, because free isn’t necessarily free, unlike truth isn’t the truth. But I’ll save that nonsense for another time.

So this is what I explained to her and would like to know your thoughts.

A blog is a piece of authentic content that comes from a thought leadership perspective on a subject that supports your website, not replace it. For example, social media is a tool that helps you connect and build relationships with your audience that supports your website. Neither a blog or social media should be used to replace a website. What you should understand about a blog is that it is a tool for your website and more specifically it can be used as an SEO tool to help direct people back to your website. 

So whatever you’re writing (blogging) about is related to something on your website. We create websites, therefore writing about the differences between a website and a blog makes sense because we can help you with either. If we were a restaurant, we would blog about a subject that pertains to what we do as a brand. You want to demonstrate your relevancy by sharing your expertise on a given subject. What is important to keep in mind is that your website is like the online headquarters of your brand or organization.