Employee Mentality vs Entrepreneur Mindset

Credit: Eric Ward

Credit: Eric Ward

Many of us have heard of the term, "Side-Hustle", but just because you have a side-hustle doesn't mean you have an entrepreneur mindset. If that side-hustle never ends or always changes, then it's just an indicator that you still have an employee mentality rather than an entrepreneurs mindset.

Sure I get it that you may have to still work a full-time or part-time job until the business takes off, but it will not take off with an Employee Mentality, you must have change how you think and develop an Entrepreneurs Mindset and after work each day you do what you need to do, then go back to work for yourself in building your business.

Regardless of what your idea may be, you must first invest in yourself by investing in your business. Seek the opportunities to work with people of like-minds. Develop relationships with people who are going the way you're trying to go. Everyone around you may be an employee and there's nothing wrong with that. The challenge arises when you're trying to be your own boss.

Dr. Dennis P. Kimbro, author of books like “What Keeps Me Standing”, “Think and Grow Rich” and “What Makes The Great, Great” once said, and I’m paraphrasing, “If 9 of your friends are broke, you will soon become number ten.” I believe you can remain friends, but if you want to succeed or change your life, you've got to develop connections with people with an Entrepreneurs Mindset.

Perhaps you're just like me, not where I want to be professionally. Allow me to hit closer to home and come down my own street and pull up in my driveway and say this. Maybe like me, you have experience some setbacks, rejections, disappointments and challenges. I’ve been laid-off more than once, worked for companies and people who devalued, marginalized and not considered me as well as placed me in a box of only able to do what I’ve previously performed or what my resume dictates. Your resume is only a timeline of what you’ve done, not what all you can do.

Maybe you haven’t finished school, you can go back. Perhaps you haven’t had the opportunity to do professionally, all the things you know how to do. You may have the ideas, but not the funds to develop it. I’ve had a number of people give me their opinions, but very few offer their support.

Perhaps you can relate to these things or how it feels. You may find yourself wanting to transition from an Employee Mentality to an Entrepreneurs Mindset at this point in your life and no one will consider you. I know how you feel, but I’m asking you to do what I’ve done and continue to do; consider myself beyond the perceptions of others. You can be what and who you want to be if you choose to not give up. One Yes overcomes any number of No’s.

This year, this month, this week, today decide to walk in a new direction, a path that that only requires you to travel with the talents that God has given you and me. Talents that often were not considered, devalued or marginalized by people who either did not have the mindset or vision as that was given to me.

Maybe you’ve arrived at the same place I am today and refused to bury them or exchange them for the comfort of the Employee Mentality and set forth again and rebuild a business, but with the knowledge that if the talent was given to me, then the only way I fail is by not using them or giving up.

Whatever your purpose in life may be, pursue it with passion, never give up and keep moving forward with the confidents that the vision given to you to offer others will not come back void. There’s over 7 billion people in the world, so if all 7 billion of them say no, try 70 more times before you choose to throw in the towel on your dreams. You have what it takes.

Accept the opportunity to develop your talents if it means working for a company, but never stop pursing and nourishing the gifts given to you. Seek to have an Entrepreneurs Mindset.